North Hills Youth Football
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Dear Parents, Football Players, and Cheerleaders,

It is with great sadness to inform you the 2020 NHYFA season is cancelled. After much thought and deliberation over the pros and cons I have decided to cancel the season. The health of the children, their families, community, our coaches and Board was just not worth the risk. With the ever changing rules and restrictions put forth by Allegheny County and the State, it is to the point were any form of a season would not be productive for the children. Along with trying to put forth protocols to ensure the health and safety of the children it has become apparent that the best and safest step would be to cancel the season.

I want to thank the NHYFA Board for their never-ending time and effort in trying to get a season for the children. Their no quit attitude is what makes them the very best. Their positive attitude is what gave us a chance at a season. Also, Pat Weber and the North Hills School Board were great. They constantly offered guidance and insight to NHYFA to help us throughout the process.

With that being said, it is time to move on and allow the children an opportunity to find activity elsewhere until things get back to "normal".

I will meet with the Board in the near future to go over ideas that may allow us to get together as an organization at a later date. Unfortunately, it won't be on the football field for this year. Keep an eye on your email, Facebook and website for future plans.

All refunds are currently being addressed and a date will be set for you to pick up your check at Ross. Please check the website frequently.

Be Safe and Be Healthy!

Jay Balsamo/President


We Will be back better and stronger next year!